What is it?


The Gospel of Man is a paradigm. It’s a way of thinking that pulses at the core of our humanity. The Gospel Of Man is our pursuit to find freedom and hope from within ourselves. It establishes our own desires as right and wrong. Our feelings are the highest power. Our thoughts are the ultimate truth. Under this gospel humanity worships itself.

Take a long look at the world around you. What do you see? People of every color, gender, and nationality are trying to find freedom and fulfillment, but not succeeding. It’s a journey you’ll spend your whole life chasing but never find. Our culture supports The Gospel Of Man without restraint. In some form it threads within nearly every news story and social media post. Hope has never been more important yet more difficult to find.

Do whatever it takes. Redirect your career to what you’re most passionate about. Transform your gender or sexuality to something that feels closer to your true identity. Change yourself. Change others. Then you’ll be happy. Then we’ll all feel fulfilled.

This is the rallying cry of our world. And it’s never been more hopeless. The Gospel Of Man only produces emptiness.

Jesus Christ is the only way to life. Read and engage with me. I hope and pray the Word and message I have received will open your eyes to the greatest hope you can ever have.